Board games for 3-5 years old

When selecting board games for a 3-5 year old child it is important to take into account both your and his or her inclinations. If the child is impatient there should be 2-3 players, not more, otherwise the kid will be tired of waiting for his turn. It is preferable to chose simple and dynamic games so that the child would not have time to get bored.

“Walking games” with chips and dice can also facilitate development when the child is 4-5 years old, however the problem is that parents often get bored of them. But as a result of such games children get used to play in turn (Do you know how hard it is to wait for your turn when you are 4?), learn to move the chip in accordance with the number on the dice.

How can dice games be made more complicated? How to introduce an element of development-facilitation into them?

For example, you can take not one dice but two – and move the chip by the sum or difference of the numbers on the dice. Another rule can be introduced – if there is an even number on the dice, the chip moves forward, if odd – backward.

There are quite a lot of games which develop spatial reasoning. Here are some of them:

cat and mice
cat and mice




Spot it!

spot it / dobble

Jungle speed
Jungle speed

Honey tree
Honey tree


connect 4

guess who


Hurricount (Турбосчёт)









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